Book review: Extending Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Cookbook

Back in the days of Dynamics AX 4.0 & Dynamics AX 2009, developers had few choice when picking a good book to learn Dynamics AX development. My personal choice was the Inside Dynamics AX book from the Microsoft press and the Microsoft Dynamics AX cookbook by Mindaugas Pocius.

Packt publications have been publishing a lot of cookbooks on various topics in Dynamics AX. They have more than 10 books on various topics in Dynamics AX.

Recently I got a chance to review one of their book - Extending Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Cookbook by Murray Fife.

As the name suggests, this book is not specific about Dynamics AX, but how to extend Dynamics AX with other Microsoft technologies like

  • SharePoint
  • reporting tools like Power View and Power Pivot
  • creating various analytical dashboards and BI scorecards
  • collaborating with MS Outlook & Lync
  • creating help documents for your customization
  • creating web services in Dynamics AX
  • organizing workflows
  • creating role centers in Dynamics AX.

As you can see from the above list, all these technologies play an important role in designing complete real world solutions based around Dynamics AX.

Murray keeps the narration fluid and specific to the topic on hand. He starts with providing the context of the topic, what the reader can expect from the topic, how to do it and how it works. There are clear illustrations to guide the user and language is very easy.

Go ahead and take a look at the book here

In my opinion a must own book for any Dynamics AX developer who is serious about integrating Dynamics AX with other technologies.


Murray Fife said…
Thanks so much for the review - you rock!

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