rowCount() method on table buffers.

At first glance, this method looks like that it will return the number of rows selected on a table. But that is not the case. If we run the following lines, the result will be always -1

select custTable where custTable.custGroup=='10';
print custTable.rowCount();

The issue is that this method is to be used only with set based operations on the database. So, if you are using insert_recordset, update_recordset or delete_from, the rowCount() method will return the number of rows created, updated or deleted. Here is a sample job that shows this in action.

static void rowCountJob(Args _args)
CustTable custTable;
MyTable myTable;

insert_recordset myTable(AccountNum, PartyId, CustGroup, Currency)
select AccountNum, PartyId, CustGroup, Currency
from custTable
where custTable.CustGroup== '10';

// Prints 13 as 13 records with custGroup == 10 were inserted from CustTable
print myTable.RowCount();

update_recordset myTable
setting Currency='CNY'
where myTable.AccountNum like '11*';

// Prints 4 as 4 record exists( 1101, 1102, 1103, 1104)
print myTable.RowCount();

delete_from myTable
where myTable.AccountNum like '9*';

// Prints 1 as 1 record exists (9024)
print myTable.RowCount();

delete_from myTable;

// Prints 12 as 12 records are all that exists.
print myTable.RowCount();



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