Replace text option in Find window in Dynamics AX

Recently, I was involved in upgrading a Dynamics AX 2009 project on roll up 5 to roll up 7. I had the need to replace some comments in the code with a different format. I did a Find on the project and the total count came to 2000+ hits. The Find & Replace option in the editor only works on the current method open in the editor. In my case, there were multiple methods in the same object which needed the code to be replaced. Manually moving between the methods and doing a Find & Replace all would have been time consuming.

My other option was to export all the objects as an xpo outside and do a Find & Replace all in notepad. The problem here was that these objects were distributed among several projects. Finding them and putting them in one project would take some time.

Then I thought why not create a small tool which can do this for me. I thus added a Replace tab in the Find window in Dynamics AX and used it. All my 2000+ find instances were replaced instantly. I thought of sharing this tool here. Nothing fancy, just gets the work done right away.

You can download the tool here.


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