Crossword generator in Dynamics AX

While iterating through the AOT, I came upon this class SysHelpCrosswordEngine. I never knew AX had a crossword generation engine (why will we need one anyway). After testing it for 5 minutes, I successfully generated my own crossword.

Well, I wasn’t obviously satisfied because I fed in the questions and I already knew the answers. So I wondered if there was a way to let AX generate a crossword for me, well it seems there is. Here is where another class SysHelpBookCrossword comes into picture. I let it generate a crossword for me on the intrinsic functions available in AX. I had to tweak one of the class to get the results. AX generated a crossword with 50 questions. It outputs a html file to the C: drive named cross.htm

You can find the attached project here. Have fun.


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